Twitter CEO puts first tweet on sale as NFT!

Twitter CEO puts first tweet on sale as NFT!


Jack Dorsey sells his first Twitter post as NFT. 

Recently, non-fungible tokens are very popular in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Non-fungible tokens, which we can translate into Turkish as “unchangeable tokens”, can be defined as digitized versions of collectible parts in the physical world.

The latest move on non-fungible tokens (NFT) appears to have come from the CEO of Twitter.

First Tweet becomes NFT

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who also owns the first tweet on the social media platform, is auctioning it off as a non-fungible token (NFT). Dorsey yesterday posted the tweet, dated March 21, 2006, for sale via the Valuables platform.

So far, there have been many bids for the NFT of the first tweet, with the highest bid being $ 88,888,888. But the sale of the NFT will end when Dorsey accepts any offer.

In addition, the Valuables website said in a statement, “the tweet itself will continue to be posted on Twitter. What you buy is a unique digital tweet certificate as it is signed and verified by the creator., ” he said.

Users can also bid with Ethereum (ETH),the local token of the Ethereum blockchain where the transaction will take place.

Popularity Of NFTs

It would be correct to define the NFT as a token that has no other equivalent. Therefore, non-fungible tokens are produced in such a way that they are not interchangeable and at different values. In other words, they can be described as digitized versions of collectible pieces.

NFTS have become quite popular lately, and we've seen the last big example of this with the NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot is available in various packages, and these packages include a number of NFTs that focus on special moments of NBA players. Yesterday's event was met with great interest and proved once again that NFTs are becoming more popular day by day.

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